Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist

Every woman deserves makeup that is naturally beautiful and makes her look and feel absolutely radiant.

Because makeup allows any woman to enhance her unique character and complexion, making her more magnificent and confident.”

Having completed an MBA in finance and working for a reputable company like Wipro didn’t sway my abilities. My excitement with watching women pick and store colors from their beauty kit, dab them on nimbly in a matter of minutes, and then unexpectedly alter into beautiful beings… piqued my interest.

We provide you with the desired look based on your skin tone, attire, and season. Whether you are a bridezilla or a bridechilla, every brush strokefocuseson making your special day all about you. Don’t you worry, ladies! RASHMI MAKEOVER is not just about dolling up beautiful South Indian brides but also providing non- bridal and everyday makeup magic to make you more attractive.

Deployed in Bangalore, RASHMI MAKEOVER aims to give its level best every time you come again & again.

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Non Bridal

We offer our most refined makeup skills for special days when you need to flash your beauty. 

Our non-bridal makeover blends in subtle makeup look according to the occasion to make you look magnificent

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Mastering the art of exquisite South Indian Bridal makeover, we are proficient in creating beautiful and alluring South Indian Bridal looks. Our outstanding makeup and hairstyle give you a personalized and customized experience. Feel exceptionally gorgeous at your wedding and start a new chapter in life with a charming glow

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Are you looking for a true professional who can teach you professional beauty techniques and makeup methods to help you become a professional makeup artist?

That is why I hold workshops to impart all of my knowledge to my trainees to begin their careers as professional makeup artists.

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You are such a sweet person, and you put me at ease right away. You made getting ready an exhilarating experience!



Bride HD

Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so special. Your talent, excellence, and relaxing attitude were important to the day’s success. I felt so beautiful because of you – I’ll remember you forever.



Maharashtra Bride

 You are a true artist! My entire girl gang looked stunning.

John Doe


Bride HD4

Many thanks for joining us on our mehndi occasion. You were fantastic, as usual! It astounds me how you know precisely what a person requires, although you’ve never met them before. You are a true artist! My entire girl gang looked stunning.

John Doe


North indian bride1

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything you did to make our wedding day so special! 

It felt incredible to receive so many compliments.

 I felt the same way when I saw my mother and sister—you made all of the women so beautiful that it was breathtaking to look at them with such a glow. 

Throughout the day and night, I couldn’t stop smiling! Thanks again so much for all you did to make the wedding so memorable!.

John Doe