Having completed an MBA in finance and working for a reputable company like Wipro didn’t sway my abilities. My excitement with watching women pick and store colors from their beauty kit, dab them on nimbly in a matter of minutes, and then unexpectedly alter into beautiful beings… piqued my interest. 


Only after a thoughtful relative gave me a makeup kit, I began experimenting and exploring the awe a little makeup and styling could do. I chose to pursue the art professionally and am now a well-known Bridal Makeup and Hair Stylist in Bangalore.

Pretty makeovers, in my opinion, can create beautiful styles for people with various skin types and hair textures. My unique selling point is my understanding of what will please my clients’ sensibilities. I am particular about using only high-quality products, no matter how minor the task at hand. Overall, I’ve spent months training with bridal specialists and taking advanced classes to perfect my hairstyling techniques and continue learning and mixing garden variety to avoid unrepeatable style.

This gave me the skill set and confidence to take up makeups for your special occasion and flatter the beauty that suits you.

‘Rashmi Makeover’ is the best place to visit if you are looking for Bridal, non- Bridal makeup artists or a perfect academic space to master your makeup skills. 

I travel on location and welcome you to view a portfolio of some of my work. Hope to see you soon!

“Every customer provides me with a new canvas to focus on. This chance to create beauty is always very rewarding to me. If you were to question me how I do it differently, I would say…I take into account my clients’ needs and wants! Once that’s taken care of, my beauty senses take over, and everything just falls into place, wonderfully!”

– Rashmi

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